Miami Lodge 495

Order of the Arrow

Lodge Leadership Structure

Below is the structure of our Lodge Executive Committee for 2023. If you'd like to volunteer to fill any of our Vacant positions, please contact the Lodge Chief or Lodge Adviser. If you'd like to know more about what each position's responsibilities are, head over to the LEC Position Descriptions page to read an overview of each position.

  • Lodge Chief: Sean Trogdon
    Lodge Adviser: Drew Turner
    Council Staff Adviser: Cliff Bailey                                                                                            
    • Vice Chief of Inductions: Aaron Cunningham
      Associate Adviser of Inductions: Jim Cunningham
      • Ceremonies Chairman: Aaron Cunningham
        Committee Adviser: Jim Cunningham
      • Elangomat/Nimat & Brotherhood Chairman: Open
        Committee Adviser: Vacant
      • Service Chairman:  Vacant
        Committee Adviser: Dick Baker
      • Food Service Chairman: Josh Turner
        Committee Adviser: Shawn Collins 
    • Vice Chief of Operations: David Kohr
      Associate Adviser of Operations: Larry Hodapp
      Lodge Registrar: Greg Neff
      • Secretary: Tim Moler
        Committee Adviser: Greg Neff
      • Communications & Publications Chairman: Josh Turner
        Committee Adviser: Nathaniel Davis
      • Trading Post Chairman: Open
        Committee Adviser: Bryan Waid
      • Camping Promotions Chairman: Open
        Committee Adviser: Jorene Burgess
      • Historian Chairman: Open
        Committee Adviser: Mike Clinch
    • Vice Chief of Program:  B. Bailey
      Associate Adviser of Program: Robert Stubs
      • Fellowship Chairman: Tim Moler
        Committee Adviser: Matt Moler
      • Recognition Chairman: Sean Trogdon
        Committee Adviser: Aaron Baxter
    • Vice Chief of Unit Support: Oliver Wells
      Associate Adviser of Unit Support: Shawn Collins
      • Unit Elections Chairman: Vacant
        Committee Adviser: Vacant
      • Troop Representative Chairman: Vacant
        Committee Adviser: Vacant
    • Vice Chief of Cub Relations: Nathan Matthieu
      Associate Adviser of Cub Relations: Jana Bateman
    • Vigil Chief: Nathaniel Davis 
      Vigil Adviser: James Normile
  • Supreme Chief of the Fire: Jeff Schiavone
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