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Order of the Arrow

What are Chapters?

Chapters are an extension of the Lodge which operate in a District. Essentially a Chapter is a "mini" Lodge. To put it another way think of Miami Lodge as a Troop, the Chapters would then be the Patrols.

Who leads a Chapter?

A Chapter is led by a Chapter Chief and other elected Chapter Officers. Chapters also have Committee Chairmen who lead committees such as unit elections, ceremonies, activities, and much more. A Chapter also has a Chapter Adviser who is an adult adviser for the Chapter Chief. This person is appointed by the Lodge Adviser in consultation with the District Camping Chairman, District Executive, and Council Executive.

How do the youth in a District benefit from a Chapter?

The youth benefit from a Chapter by being able to be active in the Order of the Arrow in their own community. A Chapter also provides additional leadership opportunities to the youth.

How does the District benefit from a Chapter?

A District can benefit in many ways from having an active OA Chapter. Active OA Chapters can provide youth staffing for District events such as Camporees, Day Camps, and Klondike Derbies.

How does the Lodge benefit from Chapters?

The Lodge will benefit from Chapters in many ways. First, Chapters will reignite the passion for the Order of the Arrow in the Districts of the Miami Valley Council. Chapters will also provide a way for our Arrowmen to be active in the Lodge in their own communities. Also, Chapters provide a continuous feed of youth leadership to the Lodge.

When and where does the Chapter meet?

Since a Chapter is also a part of a District many Chapters meet at their District Roundtables. This allows the District leaders to see their Chapter being active in the District.

Can Chapters have their own events?

Absolutely! Chapters are encouraged to have their own events as often as they deem necessary. This provides an opportunity for their Chapter youth members to have fun and see what the OA is all about.

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